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Koinor, Masters of innovative technology With contemporary lxooks

The sofa are designed with great love and a feeling for detail and with expertise and great craftsmanship these products are made to be a companion for a long time, expertly crafted by a team of top designers these sofas leave nothing to be desired and are unique and very modern and stylish. These sofas range from very bold and modern models to timeless classic pieces to very out of the box designs so there is plenty to choose from and you can be sure to find something truly unique amongst this vast range that is offered by such incredible designers.

Koinor – AlexaCall for Price
Koinor – AvantiCall for Price
Koinor – AvivoCall for Price
Koinor – CosimaCall for Price
Koinor – EasyCall for Price
Koinor – EpiqCall for Price
Koinor – EposCall for Price
Koinor – EviaCall for Price
Koinor – EvitaCall for Price
Koinor – ExoCall for Price
Koinor – FameCall for Price
Koinor – FamousCall for Price
Koinor – FelliniCall for Price
Koinor – FenjaCall for Price
Koinor – FocusCall for Price
Koinor – FrancisCall for Price
Koinor – GarretCall for Price
Koinor – GulliverCall for Price
Koinor – HarrisCall for Price
Koinor – HeavenCall for Price
Koinor – LungoCall for Price
Koinor – MacCall for Price
Koinor – MadisonCall for Price
Koinor – NandouCall for Price
Koinor – NewmanCall for Price
Koinor – NolaCall for Price
Koinor – NoveCall for Price
Koinor – NovellCall for Price
Koinor – OmegaCall for Price
Koinor – RamonCall for Price
Koinor – RaoulCall for Price
Koinor – RomeroCall for Price
Koinor – RossiniCall for Price
Koinor – VandaCall for Price
Koinor – VilaCall for Price
Koinor – VistaCall for Price
Koinor – VittoriaCall for Price
Koinor – VolareCall for Price
Koinor – VoltaCall for Price
Koinor – ZuluCall for Price

Koinor give furniture unforgettable faces, a mixture of strict, playful, modern and classic, Koinor has a design to suit any home living space without compromising on comfort and luxury, these beautiful pieces are ready to view in our showroom and we offer a variety of their different styles and models to choose from. Offering completely unique and bespoke models that have a lot of character, are urban or traditionally classic, there is something to suit every taste and some of these models are truly exceptional and offer practical comfort with stylish design.

This exciting collection by Koinor employs both its own designers and well-known external experts to redefine home living with its original ideas and reduced shapes, leaving out the superfluous and concentrating on top performance, they keep the customers needs in mindto create the ideal sofas for your living room so that you can enjoy a designer sofa that will stand the test of time and look fabulous as a centerpiece in your living room.

Sofa Max is the largest stockist of Koinor sofas in the UK and had a full range to view from and choose making it simple and affordable to take home one of these gorgeous European models; our dedicated and knowledgeable team at Sofa Max will guide you and help you in your choice of sofa and offer their expertise when helping you choose your perfect sofa.

After more than 60 years this company has gone from strength to strength, from a single upholsterer to one of the most important upholstered furniture manufacturers in Europe. Offering the highest performance and realising that a sofa is a long-term companion, this brand is aware of the responsibility that they carry, they manufacture their products for the customer with lots of love and a sense of detail plus expert knowledge and very skilled craftsmanship.


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